Sante Assure: Your International Insurance Partner

Peace of mind for employees abroad. From routine maternity to dental care and vaccinations, our tailored cover ensures you’re protected wherever work takes you.

Ensuring Stability Through International Insurance Solutions

Protecting a company’s stability is vital for sustained success. By ensuring cover for key personnel and owners, potential disruptions can be minimised. Providing International Insurance, showcases a commitment to employee well-being. This approach enhances resilience and fosters a culture of security and care for employees and their families.

Sante Assure: Complete Medical Cover for Employees Overseas

As companies expand globally, ensuring the health and safety of employees abroad is paramount.
At Sante Assure, we specialise in providing comprehensive medical protection for employees working overseas. From urgent medical care to surgeries and physiotherapy, our tailored plans guarantee peace of mind for both employers and employees alike. We can offer advice not only on levels of cover but also on the local rules and requirements for visas.

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Expert Care for Your Overseas Employees

Our knowledgeable team navigates the insurance market to tailor solutions that meet your employees’ needs and your budget.
Reach out to us today for customised cover for your employees working abroad.

 International insurance partners and Providers

At Sante Assure, we collaborate closely with leading International Insurance partners and providers to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions for our clients.